I am a candidate for FBISD trustee position 2. My first-hand experiences as a Fort Bend ISD parent, my rich experience as an educator, my dedication & commitment to training Veterans and others for the new Information Technology based economy and my experience as a small business owner uniquely qualify me as the best candidate to serve on the FBISD board. I have lived in Texas for 3 decades and am a long-term resident of Fort Bend County. I graduated from University of Houston in Business administration with a concentration in Computer Science. I am a small business owner and an educator with 25 plus years of rich experience working in leadership positions in education with major multinational organizations. My beautiful wife, Sana, and I have been married for fourteen years and our kids, Anabia, 10, and Haris, 4, both attend Fort Bend ISD School System.

Being an educator by profession, I been working as an Information Technology Instructor for the past several years, teaching various IT-related fields focusing mainly on our Veterans who are looking to transition their careers into IT. As an educator, my goals have been to provide students not only with quality education but also with guidance and mentorship to help them become productive members of our society who can compete in the technology-based global economy.


As a dedicated educator, I have put together an after-school Technology Club, an innovative program that covers diverse technology areas, from Internet security best practices to PowerPoint tutorials. I am very passionate in my commitment to maximizing the performance of my students, inspiring their interest in the most up-to-date technology, and instilling a sense of self pride in all of my students. Working with veterans has strengthened my belief that American workers need to be continuously retrained & equipped with newer, competitive skills to excel in the global economy for American workers to stay competitive and keep our jobs right here in America.

I am a proven leader committed to achieving academic excellence, and using technology as a learning tool. Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to education, in particular distance learning. I will utilize my knowledge of state-of-the-art Information technology to make it more user friendly and less stressful for our teachers and our students. My business background will add a voice for fiscal responsibility to the board.

Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the nation and I believe that we all must step forward as responsible citizens of this county to help make it better for our kids.


Children are our future and our legacy. They are the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We must invest our time and effort in grooming them. Ensuring the safety & security of our school going children is my number one priority. I will create an environment at FBISD which will allow the students to set their professional goals and offer them the tools necessary to achieve these goals.


I will bring about positive change that will ensure higher educational standards and provide students with opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have dedicated my entire educational career to each of these pursuits. I strongly believe that my educational background, relevant experience in education and above all my passion for education and to serve my community makes me the most qualified candidate for FBISD Position 2